My Story

I consider myself lucky to have found my passion early in life.

I sat in diversity seminars, workshops, conferences absorbing concepts, theories, frameworks, research (all inspiring and insightful) about “diversity” since I was 14 years old. I was fascinated (and still am) with questions such as:

·      “What does diversity mean?”

·      “What do they mean they don't feel included?”

·       "But how do we 'DO' it?"

I moved beyond the discomfort of these conversations and resolved to identify a holistic approach to help leaders understand what they don't know and create shared value between their organization and all of their stakeholders. I was astonished at how leadership of schools and companies did not see the correlation between the lack of inclusive culture and the lack of involvement, performance (professional or academic) ,  incidents, -isms, lawsuits etc. that they faced.

Wouldn’t accept that there wasn’t a solution- looked beyond “education” as the answer knowing that the 21st century global economy drives thinking and motivates people toward real creative action and seeing diversity and inclusion as “valuable”. I had to study business, and more specifically- I had to study entrepreneurship. (yes it can be studied) understanding this methodology and thinking equipped me with a mindset for value creation.

I now find myself in the field of business education defining “diversity”. It’s proven to be quite a challenge bringing business toys to an education sandbox. but through reflecting on unique academic experiences I’ve had at great institutions around the world and working with talented students, colleagues and friends  has given me deep insight that has pushed me towards weaving

Use this blog to weave together ideas for how education and business can and should re-calibrate and  work together to apply entrepreneurial and design thinking to diversity and… dare I say change the world?

I’ll share my own story and insights, but also those of others to paint a picture of possibility and a bright future outside of the “difficult conversation” and doomsday tale currently told about diversity.

Please stay connected and I’d love to hear what you’re doing in your life and in your work around diversity too! If you're not doing anything- let's connect so you can get started!